In Agostini all the various manufacturing phases are followed by expert craftsmen, who have the ability to combine the use of new technologies with the creativity and versatility of manual work to better respond to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to continuous research, Agostini S.R.L. has the ability to respond to the demands of a constantly evolving market and to guarantee a greater variety in the processes offered to customers.
The large fleet of machines equipped with the latest generation equipment and technologies allows us to give the customer a wide choice, making the company a point of reference also in the third party sector.

Among the processes offered, we guarantee:

Electro-welded or flexible silver tube
Diamond silver wire or tube
Hammered silver wire
Shaped silver wire or tube
Silver wire in different dimensions
agostini argento lavorazioni avvolgimento
agostini argento lavorazioni centro lavoro a controllo numerico cnc
Flame or laser welding
Cutting with CNC Machinery
Marking and laser cutting
Small parts printing for finishings
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